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    How Automotivesupercars started!

    How Automotivesupercars started!

    To all readers, first of all, I would like to thank you for reading our blog posts and having your attention and time. 

    It all started by Marvin Awad starting the Instagram page: Automotivesupercars, the idea behind the page was simply a car page with photos and videos about supercars that I had to make myself. A friend named Samuel really liked the idea of starting an Instagram page like that and we decided to grow the page together. 

    After a couple of months, we realized that it isn't easy to grow a page on Instagram. We decided to switch the strategy to more viral content instead of pictures and videos. Samuel didn't agree with the switch and wasn't bringing many hours into the page due to his work for school. So he decided to quit.

    Marvin who put his heart and soul into the page knew he had to make something out of this page. At this stage, Automotivesupercars was around 10k followers.

    Putting in hours, day in day out for at least 6 months straight started to pay off in followers. But Marvin wanted to see cash! So he started looking for ways to make money with the Instagram page. So he starts offering a shout out to his followers, but it wasn't what he expected. Nobody wanted one! Marvin started to realize that he wasn't done working day in day out, he had to keep it up. So he looked up for more ways to make money with Automotivesupercars. So he eventually found this way of making money called: Affiliate marketing. He reached out to @premiumcarbonfiber.

    (Affiliate marketing = You use someone's website and promote their products, you get a cut of every order you make)

    We managed to be an affiliate, we started promoting the hell outta the page desperately wanting to make money! Because the items were relevant to the followers' interests. We got our first sale a couple of days later, the feeling that Marvin got that day was indescribable. From that point, Marvin just knew this is it if I can get one sale I can get 2 and 3 and 1000 more. We stayed an affiliate for a month or two and was already hungry for more. At this point, Automotivesupercars was at 50k followers.

    At this point in Marvin's life, he decided to commit in started his own store and was convinced he wouldn't give up until it would work. So he started small with one product. That product is the 6-speed gearbox keychain, we actually still sell this product. From there Marvin kept adding new products and started to grow slowly. 

    Now that we are well established as a company, we really built something we feel is bigger than just a company that sells car-related items. We share a super amazing passion that you can only be born with. Throughout building the brand one thing we always found and still find important is customer service. That's why Marvin still manages the customer service of the company.

    We hope you liked the blog post and let us know if you want to see more blog posts! 


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