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    Spinning turbo LED turbo keychain (rechargeable)

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    Never have boring looking keys again!

    Just Imagine walking in the dark and always having a flashlight on you, either looking for the light switch or you want to spice up your keys. Well we can assure you after having the LED turbo keychain on your keys it will definitely look sick!

    The Turbo keychain makes a turbo whistle sound while you have another button to light up the LED light.


    • This LED turbo keychain will make you always have a flashlight with you. 

    • This LED turbo keychain comes with a charger and is rechargeable.

    • This LED turbo keychain has the original whistle sound of an actual turbo.

    The Turbo keychain weighs exactly 2 pounds and is made out of Zinc Alloy. The keychain comes with a charger. 

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